Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are we insured?

    A: Yes, fully, $1M WC/GL/Auto, $2M Umbrella.

  • Q: Will there be a hole remaining?

    A: No, the mulch will fill the hole and many times a pile of mulch will result.

  • Q: do I need to be home?

    A: Only if there is something specific you wish to discuss with the operator or if there are access issues.

  • Q: do you remove the shavings?

    A: Only if you pay for it. $500 minimum.

  • Q: can you call in a located?

    A: Yes. It takes up to two weeks to schedule in this situation.

  • Q: how long does this take?

    A: In most cases 3 stumps or less, around an hour.

  • Q: will the tree grow back?

    A: In most cases no. However certain species such as magnolias and crate myrtles will grow root shoots after being cut and ground.

  • Q: do I need a permit?

    A: No.

  • Q: will there be damage to my lawn?

    A: The machines are heavy and can cause damage to lawn, surface and shrubs. Grinding is a step in the landscape process, not the final solution.

  • will you grind all the roots

    A: Only the ones at the surface or directly under the stump. There will still be stump remnants under the ground that will decay over time.