Cost Calculator to Grind a Tree Stump

By Cost Calculator

Stump grinding generally costs around $3 per inch. We have a $100 minimum spend in the Greater Atlanta area. Plug your job information into the fields to calculate your cost. You can add more than one stump after the 1st stump is entered.

Welcome to
Atlanta Stumps

Our company is locally owned and operated with 10+ years of experience in the industry. We offer our services statewide, commercial and residential,using remotely controlled stump grinders to grind your stumps. We are fully insured and provide 7 days a week emergency services when needed. We have the best customers!


Our Services

Commercial Stump Grinding

  • Day rates
  • Travel outside of standard service area
  • Mulch removal
  • $1 million general liability workers comp insurance
  • $2 million umbrella policies

Residential Stump Grinding

  • Standard stump grinding (Grind 6″ below grade)
  • Turf protection
  • Fence panel removal & installation
  • Online scheduling

Custom Services

  • Utility locate
  • Root ball grinding & shaving removal
  • Weekend scheduling
  • Crane-in only access

OUR Goals

  • Safety
  • Provide Solutions
  • Affordable
  • Professionalism
  • Guarantee
    customer satisfaction

Stump Grinding

  • Any Size / Uprooted
    Stump (accessable)
  • Grind 6" below
    grade level
  • Leave all grindings
    in place
  • Free

Our Equipment

Carlton Stump Grinder

  • 5500 lb machine
  • Grinds 13" below grade
  • Rubber tracks
  • Can fit through 36" gate on level ground
  • Great for large stumps or root balls
  • $1500 per day (day rate)

Rayco Stump Grinder

  • 2000 lb machine
  • Rubber tracks
  • Fits through 36" gate

  • Grinds 8" deep
  • Lighter machine for crossing pool decks, pavers, etc.
  • $1100 day rate.